Jacinta Plazzer, founder and owner of Yeppoonie Smoothie, describes herself as a health and wellness enthusiast. “I had not always been the most attentive towards my diet, but as I grew up, I started to educate myself more, and work towards eating clean and healthy meals,” says Jacinta.

“Things really changed for me, when in 2009, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while carrying my second baby. I was determined to stay off medication and manage the diabetes with nutrition, under the guidance of the gestational diabetes team of the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. I started eating a healthy, low GI diet, incorporating foods rich in omega and fatty acids. My absolute favourite and easy way to add nutritious seeds, fruits and vegetables to my diet however was smoothies. It was a quick and easy solution, just blend all ingredients together and there you have it, all super-foods in one meal.”

With Jacinta’s dietary changes, she saw a great improvement in her overall health and energy levels, even receiving compliments on her hair and skin. After returning to Australia in 2021 from Thailand, it was apparent to Jacinta that many Australians were struggling to lose weight, and that the majority of meal replacement powders on the market were not providing the right ingredients to provide satiety.

Since then, Jacinta has been sourcing Australian-grown ingredients direct from farmers to make her unique blends for Yeppoonie Smoothie, an Australian brand offering meal replacement powders in the form of smoothie blends as well as healthy trail mixes for snacking. They are manufactured in Yeppoon and contain ingredients such as faba protein, hemp protein, green banana resistant starch, sweet potato powder, flax and more. They can be used to make smoothie bowls or dairy-free smoothies.

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