It is not many women that start a business at 50-years-old and go on to grow a much-loved national brand. For Jan Logan however, it was perfect timing, having spent the earlier part of her life on a grazing property raising three sons.

Born in Narrabri in country New South Wales, Jan spent her childhood and early married life on the land. It was not until a chance encounter led her into the glittering world of jewels. “My latent desire to do something for myself was surfacing in my mid 40’s. Angus, my youngest son had gone to boarding school when I responded to an advertisement in the North Western Courier for a Promotions Officer with the Narrabri Chamber of Commerce – I was duly appointed and was paid the grand sum of $1000 per annum. During this time, I was continually in the President’s office, who happened to be the town’s main jeweller. I was constantly playing with the jewellery and suggesting ideas when he offered me a 20 per cent shareholding in the business. I took out a personal loan with the ANZ Bank for $27,000, this was my serendipitous start in the jewellery industry,” says Jan.

Fast forward and today, the Jan Logan brand has five stores – Melbourne, Hong Kong, Perth, Brisbane and their flagship in Double Bay, Sydney. They have a team of ten jewellers and a staff of 30. Jan still actively works on the brand which is now run by her son Angus. Original, unexpected yet always wearable, Jan Logan combines unusual coloured stones and precious metals to create unique expressions of modern simplicity that have been worn by the likes of Rose Byrne and Jennifer Lopez and featured in many films and catwalk collections.

“Our philosophy is to be curious, creative, consistent and courteous, to have fun and at all times to maintain our integrity and honesty.” An ethos very much embodied by the indomitable lady herself.

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