Jay Crisp Crow has worn many hats in her life – showgirl, professional writer, self-described hillbilly, mother, and many more – but no one was surprised when she was awarded her most recent hat, Western Australia Business Excellence AusMumpreneur of the Year award.

Her business Crisp Copy started from a dining room table in the Perth Hills just three years ago. With no business background, Crow believed she could create a lifestyle that would allow her to thrive as a writer and a mum of three kids. Crow wrote a five year plan in hopes to leave her unsatisfying day job. Instead of five years, she did it in two. “Business is not easy and Crisp Copy has not always been a smooth ride – I’ve battled with the juggle of business and family, copycats, and creating a business structure around a long-term chronic illness.”

However, the business not only rewarded her personally but her family as well. “The shift in perception in the eyes of my family has been immense. It wasn’t that I was ever disrespected before, but now I see them engaged in learning about business-life, using terms like ‘profit first’ and ‘ROI’ at the dinner-table, and the way they see me is simply different: I am the Mum who was dissatisfied at work, who took her life (and theirs) by the horns, and changed it. This year my daughter and I launched a social enterprise. She has sponsors and writers and a team of clever women that I’m proud to be associated with. She was always a powerhouse but starting this business and truly believing in my own talents has given her the confidence to do the same. That’s gold.”

Peace Mitchell, Co-Founder of AusMumpreneur said, “We are delighted that Jay has won this award, she has created an outstanding business and is an inspirational role model and ambassador for mums in business everywhere. We wish her and all out amazing Ausmumpreneur Award winners every success in the coming year.”

The AusMumpreneur Awards celebrates and recognises Australian mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation.

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