JEFFE’s new single, Home, is an exquisite slice of pop that intravenously injects the emotional aesthetics of Robyn and LCD Soundsystem straight into the main vein.

The song premiered on Triple J’s Home & Hosed on a Monday night, exactly one year after JEFFE, who was making a name for herself in East London, was yanked by the scruff of her neck back to whence she came in March 2020.

At first, the prognosis wasn’t good. JEFFE’s Home, born from duelling frustrations around space and time, heard in the isolated bass and siren synths that usher in Home, the sound of sirens and drones, uneasiness and unpredictability.  Her debut EP racked up a cool six million streams and the song ‘Motionless’, was a collaboration with The Australian Ballet.  JEFFE  has been the support act for an impressive line up of artists including Stella Donnelly and HONNE, as well as featuring at festivals including The Great Escape and Listen Out Festival.

Upon returning to Brisbane, friend and musician Jack Gray tempted JEFFE with her first outing after lockdown and resulted in the Top 5 finalists for triple J unearthed DIY comp with Apocalypse in May 2020. Then came Home, which is both a rumination and revelation. JEFFE reckons with finding herself back where she started but born from a chance email enquiry from producer/writer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze/Hatchie/Tia Gostelow), JEFFE instead crafts a song and video clip that kicks you in the guts and re-animates your feet.

Mirrored in the track’s accompanying video, JEFFE is seen busting out increasingly cathartic, choreographed moves against a lonely park bench setting that could easily be in her former home of Hackney. “I’ve been looking for the words, trying to find the tone,” JEFFE sings. “Nothing’s perfect here, but at least I am home.” It’s a chorus that pulses with life, almost out of spite at the circumstances of its creation. While still reckoning with whiplash of a life put on hold, JEFFE has somehow crafted one of the most eminently singable melodies in Home.

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