Brisbane sister duo Chloe and Kate are the walking definitions of sisters doing it for themselves. The pair, who established their fashion label Jericho Road in February 2016, has taken the Australian fashion world by storm in only two short years.

Although you’d think there might be some fierce sibling rivalry between the two,  Kate and Chloe say they work seamlessly as a team. “It all comes down to knowing our strengths and weaknesses, which then makes it easy for us to delegate jobs between each other,” they say. “It’s quite funny; when we’re faced with a decision to make, we always feel the need to check in with each other before doing so, only to then discover we were thinking the same thing anyway.”

In the past two years, Jericho Road has become known for its stand out prints in bright colours. Their pieces flaunt bold patterns including seagulls, fish, and ghost gums. “When designing new pieces, we focus on… creating clothing that everyone can feel confident in,” they say. “We still have a special place in our heart for the unique trends coming out from regional Australia, an area where we both grew up and found our passion for this industry.”

The duo say while establishing their business has been tough, they’ve had no shortage of support from family and friends. “Setting up your own business is a never-ending learning experience in resilience, grit and perseverance. We believe that our support networks are our biggest drivers for overcoming challenges and continuing to break the rules of fashion. Our parents, family, partners and our friends are crucial to the success of the business with their ongoing support. We are also fortunate to have a network of other small business ladies who are always willing to provide us with advice and feedback.”

The pair will appear at the Best of Brisbane Style and Design Market at Indooroopilly this month, and are excited to offer market-goers exclusive ranges and deals. “Part of the reason we got involved… was to mix with others in our industry and see how Brisbane is leading in forward-thinking fashion design.  We have been working closely with some ridiculously talented Australian artists and we can’t wait to show you the prints we’ve come up with.”

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