Joanna Boyd is a buyers’ agent working throughout Brisbane’s city fringes – specialising in helping clients who find themselves faced with an unexpected change in life.

The real estate maven’s life changed instantly and immeasurably on 20 September 2017 – the date her beloved husband Tony suddenly passed away whilst on holiday in Bali with Joanna and their three children. What followed was a 10-day nightmare of seemingly endless admin and logistics, on top of already immeasurable grief.

“When we lost Tony so suddenly, I was instantly cast into a world of complex and confusing tasks that continued long after we finally made it home”, recalls Joanna. ‘There was barely space and time to grieve, because I was suddenly faced with making huge calls such as whether or not to sell our family home, or remain in a house that felt too full of memories. When I decided to sell, the task list became even more enormous. I’ve got years of experience in the real estate industry and could handle it – but I remember thinking how much more difficult things would’ve been if I didn’t have that insider knowledge.”

It was two years later, on a girls trip to Italy, that Joanna struck on the idea that’s now bringing huge relief to Brisbanites who find themselves in a similarly challenging need for a fresh start – be it due to sudden bereavement or divorce.

“Before Tony died we’d talked about me becoming a buyers’ advocate, as supporting people through the buying process was always something that had appealed to me”, remembers Jo. “But one morning in a hotel room in Capri, Italy, a friend said: ‘You’ve got such unique experience – you understand all the difficulties of buying a house when life forces your hand and you have to suddenly do everything on your own. Why don’t you help other people who find themselves in that situation?’”

It was a true eureka moment, and from her hotel room Joanna began to put together list upon list  – immediately contacting people in the real estate and branding industries she knew could help her get started. From those humble beginnings, Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate was born – a company that specialises in walking clients through the process of buying a house after sudden change, and shoulders the emotional burden too often involved in what can seem like an overwhelming hurdle. From helping source solicitors and finding off-market houses to representing clients at auctions, Joanna happily supports her clients at every step of the journey – keeping them focused on the end-vision of a new home and a totally fresh start.

“It means a lot to me that our huge loss has been channelled into something so good,” says Joanna. “We can never get Tony back, and the kids and I will live with that loss for the rest of our lives. But to know what I went through can help other people get through similarly challenging times – that means a great deal to me, and is a wonderful tribute to Tony.”

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