Judy Cook has been creating cakes for as long as she can remember. Her beautiful business, Cakes by Judy C, has been opened and baking delicious creations since 1989.

“My love for baking started as a young girl around 13,” Cook said.  “I come from a family of  seven children and we all had jobs and I used to bake on Saturday morning for the week for the family, school lunch boxes, biscuits, apple tea cakes , slices and cotton candy cake that we still bake today.”

Coming from a family of bakers and cake makers, being in the kitchen creating beautiful baked goods, felt like a natural fit. “In 1948 my dad’s two brothers, Hank and Bob, worked at the Richmond bakery in Casino New South Wales and my Uncle Harold on my mum’s side of the family also worked at this bakery,” said Cook. “I have one of the recipe books that the men used at the time, it’s a bit tattered but that’s okay. Harold was also a wedding cake maker so I think it’s in my genes”

While many of her talents and much of her knowledge has been passed down through the family tree, Cook says she did have to teach herself quite a bit. Then in the days of beautiful fine lace work on cakes, Cook decided to get training in wedding cakes.

Cook attributes much of her success in the business to her family baking roots, but also to her flavour creativity. “I like toe encourage my customers to have a couple of flavours,” said Cook. “We recently converted one of our blondie recipes into a cotton candy blondie with great success.” While Cook is still inspired by the classic cakes from her childhood, she likes to experiment with design and often draws inspiration from Pinterest.

Cook has been baking cakes for many years now and acknowledges that her continuing motivation comes from her loving customers. “The happy faces on my customers when they pick up their cakes is wonderful,” cooks said. “And sometimes when you have had a tough day that smile, that thank you, that hug is just magical.”

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