With more than 20 years of industry experience, Julia Rose is a celebrated floral artist with an international reputation for her sumptuous organic and naturally eclectic wearable designs.

Julia Rose is the epitome of artistry and glamour when it comes to her floral couture. Julia is fast building a reputation for her Interactive and immersive floral art installations. Drawing crowds of thousands to experience the pieces.

She has built her reputation on her jaw-dropping design and dedication to perfection, for all who have commissioned her; be it the fashion and media industry requesting her to sprinkle her magic on their runway extravaganzas and fashion shoots; to the avant-garde media campaigns she has been appointed to for appreciation of her je nais se quoi; and the multitudes of clients who entrusted her to leave lasting impressions with her stylish impeccable eye for floral design; or cities commissioning her to create one of her interactive pieces, she has been consistently impressive.

“I am one of those lucky people who just adore what they do! I love inspiring people for the momentous moments & special occasions in their life with exquisite flowers and beautiful styling props. My love of flowers stems from spending hours amongst the blooms and herbs in my grandmother’s garden as a little girl. Playing inside cavernous branches of the magnificent hydrangea, picking one of my Grandfather’s prized roses to carry around with me all day to enjoy it’s sweet perfume … relocating snails out of the garden and worms into the garden,” she said.

“Now, on my farm, I wake up bright and early to collect the florals for the day as Lewis, our grandpa rescue Goose & his wife Mildred, cheekily welcomes the sun and watches protectively over his family of hens & guinea fowl. Rosie, my rowdy pup runs happily through the rows of peonies with a basket to help/hinder me collecting them. Tex the little black rescue cat stretches out in the sun on the top run of the garden bed. Rod, my main squeeze, plays flamenco guitar under the weeping fig while I design a fabulous floral gown for a photoshoot. Life is perfect, I’m living my dream.”

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