Founded in 2018 and based in the Gold Coast region, Junomojo is the brainchild of CEO and Founder, Jill Annear. Inspired by her time as a General Manager at Pure Water Systems, Jill set out to create an easy avenue for customers to achieve their ideal level of health and wellness.

Junomojo is an online hub dedicated to a more holistic approach to achieving wellbeing for both mind and body.  “Through the companies I’ve worked with, I’ve always placed a focus on health and wellbeing, whether it’s been through the company itself, or simply the staff wellbeing programs we’ve implemented. Junomojo is a natural extension of this, it’s the realisation of my goal to make health and wellbeing easier and more accessible for all,” says Jill. “We wanted to create a destination of carefully curated products and useful information that people can trust. A place that combines products that have been personally endorsed by us with information, insights and advice across a wide range of connected industries.”

This led to the concept of the Six Pillars of Wellbeing on which Junomojo was founded. These pillars include Sleep Well, Hydrate Often, Eat Nourishingly, Breathe Easy, Move Your Body, and Find Your Mojo, with each pillar supporting a collection of specially curated lifestyle products that aim to incorporate wellbeing into one’s daily life. Jill and the team at Junomojo are also very clear on what they are not. “We’re not qualified medical practitioners. However, we’re confident that making a choice to focus on simple actions that become daily habits within each of our six pillars makes sense and will help to support a healthy and balanced life.”

Junomojo will host its official launch next month at the Business Chick’s 9-thrive Brisbane event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on 19 and 20 October.

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