Queensland local Karagh-Mae Kelly is passionate about making a difference. From rescuing chicks that had fallen out of nests, to pursuing her dream of being a detector dog handler, she boasts a strong personal conviction to call out injustice and stand up for inequality.

In 2015, Karagh-Mae approached a Brisbane women’s refuge to suggest introducing an animal foster care system. Today, she is an Animal Justice Party Queensland Spokesperson on Domestic Violence and Cruelty and a board member of Safe Haven who stands up for the rights of people and animals. She pushes for tougher sentences for offenders who are violent towards children, women and animals and wants to send a strong message that violence towards animals and interpersonal violence will never be accepted in our communities.

With 80% of women hesitant to leave a domestic violence environment in fear of leaving their animals behind, Karagh-Mae believed offering animal adoptions within the refuge would start the healing process after such trauma. Due to the astounding first hand encounters she experienced as an RSPCA Inspector, she initiated the proposal purely for the women in need, but the program proved to be largely successful. She now sits on the refuge’s board, with plans to expand the program to other shelters in the state.

With her investigative experience, Karagh-Mae knows how to find the facts and expose the lies. As she knows how the public is frustrated by the inaction on animal, environmental and social justice issues, she is committed to making a better life for the community and animals.

Karagh-Mae is an intelligent, dedicated, strong and compassionate voice for animals, women and the real issues within society today. Her ethos behind her animal foster care program is compassion and a desperate need to protect all victims of domestic violence. She is an investigator in human services and firmly believes that every living being should have rights as valuable members of our society, and should be protected.