Karen Edbrooke is the founder and CEO of Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, the country’s largest retailer of lingerie and swimwear for women of all sizes.  Karen believes that on average, most women own at least five bras at any one time and purchase new bras throughout the year.

With so many bras being sold and worn across the country – the question is ‘what happens to all the bras no longer worn by women’.   Edbrooke says that “some 40 percent of women recycle their bras by either donating them to charity or turning them into useful objects or tools around the home. We all know we have to do more to save the planet and women seem to be better at recycling than men and yet they don’t get a lot of credit for it.  So to showcase how great women are at recycling – especially when it comes to recycling their bras, we decided to create a national competition.”

The competition invites women across the country to upload a photo of their recycled bra to the Big Girls Facebook page where the competition is being held. Edbrooke added “The competition will not only showcase and reward women for being so innovative and environmentally friendly, it will also encourage others to recycle as well by giving them ideas on how they can reuse their old bras. Our annual competition will help to highlight the amazing work of women in recycling their bras and also reward them.  Importantly it will also help to give other women ideas on what they can do with their old bras.   I’d love to see at least 90 percent of women recycling their bras.   Hopefully our new annual competition will help us to achieve this,” she said.

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