Karnika Budhiraja is the founder of Baesic, an Australian owned company that claims to offer genuinely genderless skincare.

She believes skincare is a universal necessity, however for years, skincare has been targeted to women over other genders. Baesic aims to solve this issue by breaking down the gender profiling of skincare marketing because “after all, everybody has skin”.

“Skincare is the only thing I believe that doesn’t connect to people of all sexes, except a largely well developed and divided skincare range for men and women,” said Karnika. She was 15, an acne-prone child, and says her desire to look beautiful was no different from anyone else’s. That was when she first realised the need for truly caring for her skin with utmost passion, love and honesty. There was nothing Karnika didn’t research, no ingredient she didn’t try, all in an attempt to combat her temperamental skin.

“If complication had a face – it was mine,” she said. Explaining her struggle finding a suitable skincare solution throughout her life, Karnika exclaimed, “Was it the infamous list of chemicals and non-organic ingredients on those products that I wasn’t aware of? Is it for dry, combination, or oily skin? Good lord, I must follow a strict regime. Am I overdoing it? Oh well, yes of course I am. Someone rightly said that diamond loses its charm when you rub it too hard.”

After a decade of asserting herself to be an honest and true skincare lover, Karnika developed Baesic, a genderless skincare line that promotes simplicity in ingredients and applications to prevent others from experiencing her skincare troubles of past, and to experience other things than worry in life.

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