Write the World creator Kate Tapping was inspired to start the not-for-profit as an answer to her concerns about global poverty.

“I was brought up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with a stable family, access to a good health system and education. As I moved into my thirties, and my forties, I’ve increasingly worried about the inequality between the life we’re living here and that of others in different parts of the world. A friend introduced me to the work of Peter Singer, and his book The Life You Can Save gave me a direction to channel my worries in what feels like a proactive way,” said Kate.

Kate and her family committed to giving away five per cent of their monthly earnings as their first step towards change in 2017. A few years later Kate launched Write the World notebooks. The premise behind the project is to produce notebooks and sell them online to raise money and tackle issues around global poverty.

The proceeds of each notebook go to one of The Life You Can Save’s recommended charities.  “What an effective charity can do with just $10 is amazing,” said Kate. “Just one $10 notebook can provide safe water to five people for a year or help protect six people from malaria for up to four years.”

With more than 25 notebook designs released to date, including collaborations with artists, illustrators, and designers, the notebooks are also environmentally conscious. “The notebooks are printed on FSC certified paper; we manufacture carbon-neutral, acid-free, and ECF. And when you’ve finished with your notebook you can send it for recycling,” said Kate. 

Since launching in 2019, Write the World has raised more than $43,500 for effective charities tackling global poverty.

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