Kathleen Luck entered the world of real estate in 2007. Luck said, “Once I branched out on my own, I knew exactly what I did, and didn’t want to be,” she said.

Today, she has risen to be one of Brisbane’s most successful business women and a leading community advocate. Born in Yeppoon, Luck’s entrepreneurial outlook was nurtured by her father and an unwavering sense of hard work, dedication and community engagement. On arriving in The Gap, she saw a similarity in attitude when it came to local supportiveness and knew it was her place to shine.

In 2019 Luck and her husband Stephen’s lives were changed forever with the birth of their baby, Isabelle. What they could not prepare for was the news that Isabelle had suffered a stroke at birth, and was then diagnosed with cerebral palsy. With family far away, the need for support raised the question of leaving their home behind. “We considered it, but they say it takes a village to raise a child, and our community fostered so much love and supportiveness that, along with my most amazing husband, and the people I love most around us, we determined to stay and succeed.”

While her business ambitions flourished, Luck’s desire to be inspired led to a more altruistic strategy, especially when COVID hit. COVID appeared to swing the death knell for many local businesses. Undeterred, she began engaging with other business owners, some of whom were teetering on the brink. “Entrepreneurs were starting to change the local landscape. I wanted to make it normal to support other businesses, even if they were in the same industry.” Setting up #Gapconomy, the sense of togetherness was tangible. “The essence of #Gapconomy was to go hyper local, and explore ways that we could all support one another… with the knowledge that we were not alone.”

Her new venture, Brisbane Inner West Realty, has recently gone live. “It’s about getting back to transaction basics. Yes, there’s always a fear of market change and security, but when you have confidence in the support of the team and the ‘village’ everything will be good.”

Luck is about more than just helping business through the journey. Local schools, creative groups and much more have all benefitted from her hands-on support. For her own journey, you feel that her mention of the “team” is more than just a small group of associates; it’s the entire community.

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