Australian user experience (UX) design pioneer, Katja Forbes, has been spearheading a global strategic design firm’s expansion in Australia and New Zealand since earlier this year. Ms Forbes said she is confident Australian businesses now have access to globally competitive innovative solutions as her firm, Designit, emerges with winning UX design features.

“When I arrived back in Australia after a professional stint in London back in 2014, I was disappointed to find that the entire industry was lacking in UX offering and overall maturity. I joined with a brand in the financial industry to make some serious waves, and now I can say with genuine pride that the Australian interaction design industry can work alongside courageous individuals and teams to disrupt industries and create new possibilities,” she said.

Designit have just opened a larger studio in Surry Hills to create products for their users. “The new studio space is indicative of our attitude as an industry leader. We are here to create a human shaped world, using emerging technology at its best, for our clients, and allow enterprises in Australia and New Zealand to have the ability to create extraordinary and distinctive experiences,” Ms Forbes said.

According to Ms Forbes, it is the designers’ responsibility to bring the ideas of influential businesses to life, such as Netflix or online shops wanting to offer similar products as those previously selected. “Features like these will ensure Australian businesses have the capacity to compete on a global level, however subservient features would have forced local customers to purchase offshore. As a result, our industries would have trouble staying competitive with any other businesses that function on a lower level,” she said. Designit are ensuring Australia as a leader in the field of UX design technology.

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