Tattooed multi-millionaire who was $150,000 in debt reveals how writing a blog post every day is the key to her success. Katrina Ruth is an entrepreneur, business coach, and writer. She encourages all women to live to their truest potential and highest frequency. She provides people with  seven Steps to Living Your Life With Purpose.

Before she was founder of The Katrina Ruth Show , Katrina was rejected by fellow entrepreneurs; has walked away from her life, twice; survived a potentially life-threatening medical condition; and recovered from a six-figure debt. Now the Melbourne native runs a multi million dollar empire, empowering others to follow their soul, share their message, and break the rules- just like she does.

At 26, Ruth changed her life, drastically. She left her marriage, management job, and her home to create a better life for herself.  Whilst training, she began blogging and building an online fitness coaching business. It was here she contradicted the food pyramid and other industry conventions and grew a following at an impressive rate. “A lot of people thought I was a troublemaker because I wasn’t sticking to the script, but I was just telling the truth,” she said.

Ruth met her second husband, Enzo Loterzo, at the gym. After several years of dating, they talked about marriage, but decided to have a baby first. Their daughter Alyssa was born in 2009, and the couple eloped 10 months later. Rather than returning to training Ruth decided to focus on her blog full-time under the name Kat Loterzo. But, as her online honesty continued, she held onto one secret. She had bulimia, a disease she refers to as ‘The disease of the driven woman.’

Whilst on the outside she appeared to be successful and happy, inside her life was disrupted by binge eating and purging. The fitness industry perpetuated the guilt that came with the eating disorder. After six months of living cent to cent, she bought one-way tickets to Germany so her and her husband could travel with the kids while she worked remotely on her online consulting business.

“I only had a few hundred dollars left after buying those tickets. I created that pressure because I believed I would make magic. It was about backing myself,” Katrina said, and her bet paid off. Ruth made $50,000 during her third month in Munich. Today, she makes multiple seven figures a year counseling others to be their best selves.

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