Katura Halliday Awarded

Published on December 30, 2020 | in Profiles

Katura Halliday has taken home the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Award for Student of the Year from Leadership Headquarters.

Defining herself as a humanitarian and social justice advocate, Katura is using her voice to highlight educational equality on the world stage. Helping her do so are her two biggest life passions – art and the education of young women in developing countries. By combining these two passions, Katura has been able to unite a group of her peers, provide an opportunity for members of her community to enjoy art and help to continue the education of those less fortunate.

“In 2018 I started a Social Enterprise, 8×8 to Educate, donating 100 per cent of the profits to education in developing nations. I have three main income streams, Keynote speaker, a book that I illustrated with my 13 year old sister called Rina’s Story, and an annual Art Competition – 8×8,” Katura says.

Katura was a finalist for Gold Coast Citizen of the Year 2018 and the Women in Business Rising Star for 2018. She also had the privilege of being interviewed by the United Nations on Children’s rights and was invited to present the documentary ‘Katura’s Story’ to the United Nations in New York. Katura was given this award of Student Leader of the Year as she demonstrates leadership courage and influence, inspiring dedication and motivation to achieve team goals.

“While I am humbled by these awards and opportunities, I am acutely aware and grateful for the platform these opportunities have given me to have my voice heard and to support my peers locally and internationally,” Katura says. “I hope to provide through my experiences, an example to other students of the joy that can be found in a life that on some level involves service to others,” she says.

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