Kayla Houlihan, a qualified beauty therapist, fell in love with the industry as she was captivated with the results that people could get from the correct skincare. Houlihan and her sister ran a skincare clinic for three years where they specialised in microdermabrasion. This is where her passion for ‘results-driven’ skincare came into play.

Seeing a gap in the market, Houlihan started Tribe Skincare, a now booming skincare brand that started off as a side hustle. Tribe Skincare is an all-natural, vegan-friendly Australian company that simply strives to give a bit of love to sensitive skin types. With grit, determination and an incredible vision for treating sensitive skin, Houlihan took a leap of faith when she saw a gap in the market for skincare that provided results for sensitive skin types. In a whirlwind 18 months, Houlihan created a skincare brand that relieves the symptoms of sensitive skin. Made from all-natural ingredients these products are anti-inflammatory, decrease redness, breakouts and dry patches. Tribe’s products are filled with all of the natural goodies your skin needs to feel soothed and treat the problems and sensitivities from the core.

Houlihan and Tribe understand that all skin types are different and everyone deals with different complications, that’s why their products are filled with the best ingredients to combat an array of issues. In just a short two years of business, Tribe skincare has taken the skincare industry by storm and helped so many people find their confidence through bright, clear and glowing skin. Kayla is an absolute powerhouse, who at just 28 years old is helping women all over to solve their skin issues and live their most confident lives. It is women like Kayla, who have passion, vision and determination that change the world.

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