VRM Biologik CEO Kellie Walters‘ passion for ecological management started as a child, inspired by scientific pioneer Marie Curie.

Walters went on to forge her own path by working a variety of jobs, ranging from a Kakuda National Park tour guide to a 22-year career in executive and commercial government roles, before she joined VMR Biologik.

Walters leads the implementation and expansion of VRM Biologik’s programs and provides ecological, social and financial benefit to farmers and regulators across five continents. She continues to deliver sustainability as a core operational premise. Walters designs and implements solutions to international environmental problems across countries, cultures, and climates. “I feel that true disruptive innovation is rare, particularly in the environmental sector,” Walters comments. “Working at VRM Biologik presents the opportunity to lead in that space.”

Working with VRM Biologik has allowed Walters to analyse and implement simple solutions to difficult environmental problems, such as soil degradation, preventing disease and growing healthy food at scale. “Every day I wake up knowing the work I do positively impacts the planet, environment and people.”

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