Time and money are two things that seem to slip away as quickly as they came, but Rebekah Darmody has grasped the two and contained them in a space for others to benefit from.

Ker-Ching! is an online rewards club that gives Australians the chance to put money back into their pockets with its one-stop shop while also allowing them to connect with some of the world’s biggest premium travel brands. By booking their upcoming holidays through Ker-ching! people can earn money in cash back, something Rebekah believes is important in a time and age where many families may be struggling financially and missing out on simple pleasures. “The last few years have been getting tougher on families to make ends meet let alone being able to treat themselves or their family to a yearly holiday,” she said. “I was in that same boat, trying to find a way to earn extra cash, without taking on a second or third job so that we could have a holiday or splurge out on ourselves at the end of the year.”

With money and travel as a motivation in one hand, time sitting in the other and a cancer diagnoses in between, Rebekah’s idea of Ker-Ching! was thought up. “Ker-ching! came about first a couple of years ago after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and during the next two years and 11 operations later, I had plenty of time off work,” Rebekah said. “This got me seriously looking for a way to not only help others in a similar financial and time poor situation but help ourselves too.”

Countless days and nights, financial somersaults, and some challenges later, Rebekah created a platform for online shoppers to save and earn money in what she calls a “no brainer” with “no catches.” “With persistence and constant due diligence, I am happy with the results, but there is always room for improvement and further development with new ideas,” she said.

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