KOJA was founded by Kate Johansson on simple, nutrition principles – that unprocessed and low sugar foods better than the alternative.

After working in the supplements industry, Kate realised there was a serious lack of awareness and understanding of basic nutrition. Instead, people were confused by conflicting health messages, relying on ‘magic pills’ for nutrients and eating high amounts of sugar disguised as ‘natural’.

While many of us reach for something sweet (natural or otherwise) for a quick energy hit, there is a new alternative that is not only deliciously satisfying and energising, but also low sugar, protein-rich, vegan and gluten-free. KOJA Natural Peanut Butter Bars are made using only natural ingredients – no preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners, stabilisers, or additives. Just sweet bars which aim to provide a balanced and sustainable energy boost without the sugar crash.

KOJA tested more than 20 natural snack bars; the average sugar content was 16 grams per bar. Unlike other snacks that boast ‘no added sugar’ but are high in dried fruits and other natural sweeteners, KOJA bars contain less than a teaspoon of sugar per bar, leaving more room for the nutrition and sustainable energy boost your body needs. “While an increasing number of products are touted as low or no sugar, it’s important to remember all sweeteners including natural dates, dried fruits and honeys are still sugar,” Kate says.

“The health ramifications of sugar are well known, however many people do not make the same connection to natural sugars, which still have the same effect on your body; spiking blood sugar levels, contributing to weight gain and creating energy peaks and crashes. While natural foods are best, sugar is sugar and should be kept to a minimum, especially if you cannot burn it off, like when sitting at your desk for an afternoon snack.”

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