Ladies Running Errands (LRE) is bringing its nationally renowned transport and further assistance company to Brisbane as the company grows to more than 12 franchises.

CEO and Entrepreneur, Maria Xynias created a family-friendly, personal transport and errand company from her home office in Balmain to provide women, people and families in need the help they needed. From looking after their children, to daily errands and transport services, Ladies Running Errands has become an in-demand service for families all over Sydney and is now launching in Queensland. Maria has built the company on the recognised need for families, especially ones where the women are the main organisers of family routines and schedules, to have the availability to source high-quality and trustworthy team members when needed.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to have an expansive support network to rely on when times are tough. But more than just in times of desperation, the lives we are now leading are calling for more assistance as we get busier and things get more demanding,” Maria said. “Our regular customers are those mums who work full-time and need someone to drive their daughter to dance practice, or the family who moved away but require someone they can trust to transport their grandma to her appointments. People are using us not only because they are time-poor, but because we run an all-inclusive business that people have complete confidence in,” she continued.

Maria’s CEO growth mindset and franchise formula has allowed her to grow LRE to the success it is today. Her biggest strength comes from not only the personal care that she gives every customer, but also the care of her employees carry every day – a business that are holistically provide a great customer experience to their customers.

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