Ladies Up is the brainchild of Foreva Events Founder Eva Kaszycki, determined to reduce the 60 per cent failure rate of startup businesses, and to help her fellow women in business fight for what they love.

Ladies Up launched with the Ladies Up Weekend in October last year, a two-day event helping female entrepreneurs bring their business dreams to reality. Over the weekend, Eva and a panel of guest speakers imparted valuable skills including how to brand and market a business to attract clients, how to use social media to enhance your business, how to network and how to manage finances appropriately. “Sadly too many women in business start and fail and the truth is they always had it in them to succeed because they took the leap to begin with and had the right intention, the right goals, but they were just never introduced to the right skills and knowledge they needed to know that were the key to unlocking their biggest dreams,” said Eva.

“Let’s face it there is information everywhere to help you start your business, but it’s overwhelming and it can be alarming how much you have to learn and not knowing where to start and which direction to go in and where to focus all of your time and energy. So the battle to gain this knowledge causes us to face endless barriers when all we want is for someone to hold our hand and guide us to achieving everything we know we are capable of which can sometimes feel impossible and like we are fighting an uphill battle. We never want our women to feel like that ever again.”

Most recently, Ladies Up hosted its Powerful Marketing event at Wotso Chermside to divulge the insider strategies to growing a business from experts Splice Marketing‘s Ellie Bakker, Summer Salt’s Summer Sutherland and Ala Marketing’s Ala Pietranik.

Ladies Up was created for any woman who possesses the dream of running her own small business, or who already owns her own business, and needs support, training and inspiration to turn it from a dream to a running reality. The community of like-minded women connect at regular workshops, networking events and coaching panels throughout the year.

Foreva Events was founded by Eva five years ago, with the vision to create events that will be remembered “foreva”. Eva found her passion for the industry more than 10 years ago when she completed her Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management majoring in Events Management at The University of Queensland. She then developed her passion working for a number of private and large corporations which drove her into starting Foreva Events.

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