Smashing expectations one soaring harmony at a time, award-winning comic cabaret Lady Sings It Better is making their Brisbane debut after 10 years on the festival circuit.

Mixing dirty lyrics with the sweetest melodies, the Ladies reinvent the worst of pop culture – performing tunes by the world’s most famous male musicians and turning them truly on their heads. Featuring songs by George Michael, Usher, Bruno Mars, The Beatles, Robert Palmer and Elvis Presley as well as a generous helping of 90s boy bands, there’s something in this show for everyone.

Having performed as a group for 10 years – it is safe to say these seasoned performers know their way around a song or two, and have the accolades to prove it. Winners of the Best Cabaret at Sydney Fringe in 2016, and nominated for Best Musical Direction at the Green Room Awards, they collect rave reviews wherever they go.

Creator and performer Maeve Marsden is excited for their Brisbane return. “Performing this show is such a treat. The connection with the audience is palpable, everyone knows these songs, but our reinventions often place them in a new (terrifyingly hilarious) light,” said Maeve. “These days, people are looking for a little political engagement in their art and entertainment. We offer a feminist lens on pop culture, but we do it with slapstick comedy, killer harmonies and a healthy dose of dad jokes and dorky puns. Together, we can have a laugh and exhale all the crap we are exposed to in pop culture and the media.”

As for their dance moves? “We dedicate some serious time to what we call ‘creative choreography’: it’s so bad that it’s good”.

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