Artist Jenie Fawckner grew up in the lush Australian landscape and became fascinated with the colours around her.

Jenie believes in painting with a colour palette in tune with the subtle and ever changing seasonal landscape around her. The mellow blues, stark pinks, and vibrant purples are a testament to how she sees the world and how she believes the world should be seen. She attributes her passion to the natural environment and her imagination, using them as inspiration for her art pieces. “A creative and rural upbringing has created an ongoing fixation with the colour, composition and natural beauty of the Australian landscape. This has proved to be a very strong base for the subject treatment in all of my work. I am consistently drawn to the freedom of mark making and love of texture and use this as an approach to form a large part of the artistic process in both my printmaking and painting. To take a simple or insignificant scene from my natural surroundings and present it artistically in a way that gives it relevance and appeal teaches me to stop and appreciate every little aspect of nature. My joy is in the creativity… my endeavour is to share it,” Jennie says.

There is a profound respect for nature in Jenie’s work. Floral artwork is done by setting up a still life in her art studio, often using flowers and plants from her own garden. She says she loves to use everyday household objects like old bottles, random vessels, and even hand made ceramics to complement her work. “I love to make trips into the countryside or my garden to collect reference material, paint studies and draw sketches. My childhood and travels to Western Queensland also carry a long held inspiration and I feel like I will always have a lot of landscapes inside me that need to be told”.

According to contemporary Australian painter, Laura Jones, “Jenie ‘s painting called Pink Earth Road has a wonderful surface and expertly uses layers of paint to create energy and movement throughout the picture. The artist has a strong language for describing the landscape and sees colour through it in a unique way. Most people see shadows and trees as green and brown but there is always more to it and this work invites us to see it in this way.”

Jenie will present her exhibition with Moree Gallery on 2 November.

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