Lanette Helene nee Gavran has been instrumental in the development of formal Pilates and fitness training in Australia since 1986 including a three-year tenure as President of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, and the articulation of the Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method articulation to BA Health Sciences at University Canberra in 2013.

She was the first student to articulate through this program into the BA Exercise Science. Lan owns and runs Pilates Canberra studios and specialises in the development of training programs based in cutting-edge research for musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Lanette’s formal Pilates training culminated in gaining the Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method through PilatesITC, an organisation that she went on to become co-director of for over eight years. Lanette held the position of Director of Curriculum and was instrumental in establishing a collaboration between PilatesITC and the University of Canberra for course recognition and articulation to undergraduate degrees in health sciences.

Lanette has studied extensively with key second generation Pilates masters including Deborah Lessen, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Julian Littleford and many others. She specialises in blending the extraordinary breadth of these influences with a science-based corrective and precision-based approach to movement conditioning and functional rehabilitation. She is now endorsing a new European fitness technology as the next best, most effective workout.

During the first covid lockdown she started researching new health trends and came across a new fitness method called EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). Popular in Europe and with celebrities like Usain Bolt, Rafa Nadal and Madonna, EMS is starting to gain momentum in Australia. Lanette has recently bought in on it herself, too, opening her first SpeedFit EMS studio in her home town of Canberra.

Lanette says, “I have always been interested in fitness trends that deliver a mix of cardio, strength and sculpting in a safe and low impact way. Pilates has been my ‘go-to’ for decades but when I tried EMS, I was blown away. Not only does it provide an incredible fitness transformation but it works wonders for injury rehabilitation. Whether it’s a sports injury, chronic back pain or sciatica, EMS training has helped countless people overcome pain and regain their strength and I can now see why. The best thing is that you only need one 20 minute session a week to get the same results as several hard core weights sessions in the gym.”

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