LaSetaBelle is dedicated to giving balance back to busy women through spiritual coaching and healing.

Owner Belinda Slack-Smith is a Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Channeler and Spiritual Life Coach who has helped both clients and students through her work and Reiki Courses. She first studied NLP where she discovered her passion was to help others find their path in life and overcome challenges in their lives. Her goal for her clients is for them to live authentically with meaning and passion. Belinda prides herself on the connection she makes with clients and students during one on one sessions, which is unique to the practice of spiritual coaching and healing. Whilst those on the Gold Coast have the benefit of in-person sessions, LaSetaBelle offers its services around Australia through Skype or phone calls.

The Gold Coast-based business originally started with Reiki Healing, a practice which incorporates the Usui System of Natural Healing. It now offers a variety of services including holistic life coaching, divine guidance and clearing, psychic coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki Practitioner Training and other various workshops.

Holistic therapies have transformed into mainstream practice in recent years, with Belinda seeing people from across the globe turn to alternative techniques to overcome everything from physical and mental blockages to assistance with reaching life goals. Belinda will be showcasing LaSetaBelle at the upcoming Gold Coast Women’s Expo and educating attendees on the new travel options. She will speak on how to connect with the source within you, as well as provide two sound-healing meditation sessions.

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