Entrepreneur and mum of two, Laura Campbell has designed an innovative baby carrier aimed at lightening the load of parenthood.

In 2021, while Laura was on maternity leave with her son, she found herself struggling with carrying her baby. “I found that when you carry your child on your hip you tend to pop it out and this causes a ricochet effect on the rest of your body. I specifically experienced strain and pain in my neck, shoulders, wrists and fingers,” Ms Campbell said.

Unable to find a baby carrier that suited her, she set about designing her own, and the Hackerlily HipSurfer was born – an ergonomic, strap free, hipseat baby carrier with built in storage. The wide, padded waistband sits snugly on the waist and redistributes the full weight of the child. With an easy hop-on/hop off design, it only takes around 15 seconds to put on.

“HipSurfer is a great tool for reducing the impact on your body, while also offering freedom to hold them one minute and put them down the next, something you can’t do with traditional strappy carriers,” Physiotherapist Alison Jeffrey said.

Unlike other baby carriers on the global market, she says the HipSurfer features washable covers that allow the wearer to mix and match with their outfits.

“I wanted something that could change with my outfit on the daily and be designed with the Australian weather and lifestyle in mind. The world first interchangeable covers are available in a range of patterns and colours to suit any style or occasion – from heading to the park, the gym, out for lunch, dinner or to a wedding,” Ms Campbell said.

The HipSurfer won Baby Accessory of the Year category in the SHE-com awards last year, and officially launched on the 16th February of this year.

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