Pod Early School Director of Operations, Lauren Fraser, does more than run the show at the Mt Gravatt Early Learning Facility and soon-to-open second location at Newmarket in Brisbane in February 2021.

As a mother and passionate educator, Lauren’s expertise stem from her Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Drawing inspiration from her mother’s role as a Principal, Lauren’s connection to early childhood education, understanding of developmental psychology, and love for children has armed her with the skillset to run one of Brisbane’s leading childcare facilities.

Through her studies, Lauren found that there was an opportunity to design a rich learning environment while supporting children in a calm and loving manner. Her experience working with newborns to eight year olds has cemented Lauren’s expertise in the transition from early learning to school – championing the approach that every child learns at their own pace and in their own way.

At the core of Lauren’s role is understanding the day-to-day challenges of a teacher, while providing families with advice and motivating her lively team of educators. Driven by the incredible relationships she has with the families – Lauren’s reward is seeing local children grow into their own personalities and roles within the community. Excited to support the next generation of Brisbane on their learning journey, Lauren’s contribution within the community is highly valued among local families.

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