Sydney law firm Voice Advocates, founded by Kayte Lewis is putting itself on the map for providing a new approach to legal matters. With a focus on communications, it works with its clients on both personal and business matters to help them discover how to speak with authority and not to be defined by other people’s judgement.

Lawyer Kayte established her own legal and consultancy practice, in 2017 building on her own personal experiences and her work empowering people through self-awareness and better communication. Not your average legal eagle, Kayte started out at 18 as an actor before becoming a speech and drama teacher by age 22, thus igniting an interest in helping people to ‘find their voice’. After leaving an 18-year domestically violent marriage, she then took the giant solo leap of moving to Sydney with her four children to start a new chapter and importantly turn her background, skills, and experience to voice coaching. With the huge responsibility to emotionally and financially support herself, she moved forward and built a new life, always keeping the end goal in mind.

Following her law studies, she realised how her voice had helped her to navigate not only the legal processes that she had personally encountered, but also how this could be translated into creating a business that would support her and her family as they rebuilt their lives from domestic violence. Voice Advocates provides a voice for people who don’t have one when they are undertaking mediation and when they may be intimidated by the legal process. Kayte, as a nationally accredited mediator, shares guidance on how to manage high conflict interactions, by providing tools for diffusing emotion. Along with her ten-strong team, she works with clients to help them see the big picture – be it with personal or professional disputes, helping them to develop skills to stay grounded, focused, maintain composure in the face of conflict, as well as help with language choice and practical voice work exercises.

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