Life’s most significant events, like births, deaths and marriages, often combine two important features – a skilled lawyer and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. So, it wasn’t surprising when well-known Brisbane lawyer Margot de Groot decided to pursue her lifelong love of floristry in an imaginative new venture at Main Beach on the glamorous Gold Coast.

Flowers on Tedder is more than just a new flower shop – it is more like an artist’s studio. Here, seasonal blooms are individually crafted into unique and stylish mementos designed to help every customer celebrate significant occasions. The store, named the Gold Coast’s best florist for the past three years, is an exciting endeavour for Margot, who is also the founder of national law firm, de Groots, national president of Women Chiefs of Enterprises International, and a published author with a litany of philanthropic achievements.

Finally, she has found the time to indulge one of her great passions. “I have reached a point in my life where I have the opportunity to pursue a dream,” she said. “With a career in wills and estate planning, flowers have always featured in our business life – they make people happy and I like being a part of that.” Since opening three years ago, Flowers on Tedder has continuously evolved and now offers a range of local delights from across the nation in addition to flowers. “Often our customers asked for chocolates and other treats to accompany their floral arrangements, so now we have an extensive range of gifts and gourmet foods,” she said.

“Starting my own floristry boutique was a dream at the time but gradually my ideas have evolved. I believe you never stop learning and growing, and this is my next adventure,” said the lawyer-turned florist. “My mother also loved fashion and flowers, so the store is a tribute to her sense of style.” Margot goes on to describe the process of opening the store.”We wanted to stay true to the original version of a florist’s shop, where every arrangement is handcrafted to suit the person and the occasion, so we take time to listen to our customers and understand the message they are wanting to convey. We run workshops every month and they are the ideal place to spoil yourself, have fun, and meet new friends over a glass of champagne.”

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