Dr Kirstin Ferguson has spent many years advocating for recognition and representation of women across all industries. Her passion for elevating the visibility of Australian women has landed her the 2018 Queensland Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership by Women and Leadership Australia (WLA). The award recognises the contribution of an individual in showcasing the importance of Australian women receiving equitable access to higher levels of leadership across all industries and organisations.

“I feel incredibly honoured and grateful to have been recognised with this Award. Such a moment is an opportunity to reflect that we need to change the old saying that if you should be so fortunate to achieve your own goals that you should lower the ladder down to help another woman up behind you. Forget the ladder; it will only ever help one woman at a time. I believe we need to throw down a fishing net and bring up many, many women together,” Kirstin said.

As a leading company director, public speaker and senior business leader, Kirstin is an accomplished career woman who is a valuable role model to all Australian women. She encourages senior leaders to influence cultures of diversity and inclusion to ensure women receive equal opportunities for advancement in their industries. She currently sits on a number of boards, including Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Layne Beachley’s Foundation, while also being Chairman of the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards and a Mentor with the Science & Technology Superstars of STEM program.

In 2017 Kirstin created the widely acclaimed #CelebratingWomen campaign after committing to celebrate two women, from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world, every single day throughout the year. The campaign saw her nominated for a Walkley Our Watch Award for best use of social media and resulted in her personally celebrating 757 women from 37 countries around the world. She is currently writing a book called Women Kind, about her experience which will be published in September.