Keynote speaker, leadership strategist and executive coach Rebecca Livesey is one of Australia’s most powerful, captivating and inspiring keynote speakers who is best known for empowering and engaging her audience through her own experiences. She speaks from her own perspective to impact her audience. Through her passion for women in business, people and leadership she always aims to leave a lasting impression on those around her.

Rebecca is the Founder and Managing Director of Achieve-Lead-Succeed, an executive coach and leadership specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. After working in numerous leadership roles in a range of industries in both the UK and Australia, Rebecca founded Achieve-Lead-Succeed with a purpose to create positive change in business and help leaders unleash their potential and improve their culture to achieve results with their people.

Combining more than 17 years of experience in corporate leadership roles across Australia and the UK, an MA in Mathematics from Oxford University, and accredited behavioural profiling in Extended DISC, Rebecca’s key focus is helping individuals and organisations unleash their potential and achieve top tier results together. Rebecca is renowned for her dynamic, engaging and uplifting presentations on the topics she loves the most: women in leadership, masculine and feminine energy and the importance of diversity. Rebecca is passionate about helping leaders in business see the true value of people in their organisations.

Rebecca helps develop captivating leaders who want to make a difference in the world through changing the way we do business, she is committed to assisting businesses in their plight to retain quality staff by building exceptional leaders. Through strategic change models, culture frameworks, and behavioural profiling of individuals and teams Rebecca works with companies on understanding the manager and team’s thinking and behavioural styles, driving execution through people, leading cultural change across the business to enable strategic transformation, improving engagement and the bottom line result.

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