For many years, Leesa Watt’s life was crippled by anxiety. Some days it was so bad she could not get out of bed. Debilitating anxiety derailed her life. After her marriage collapsed and alone with three children, Leesa decided not to crawl into a blackhole but to turn anxiety into her superpower.

Helping her children through their anxiety and overcoming her own, Leesa had an epiphany ‘if anxiety feels this bad as an adult, it must be so overwhelming for a child’. She realised she had found her niche – working as an anxiety coach for tweens, teens and women. There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood as Leesa explains, “It is with my children that I can truly make a difference every day, and by tapping into our experiences, I can make a difference in other mums’ and kids’ lives.

Being a mumpreneur gives me flexibility to be here for my kids.” Building a business around anxiety has been a challenge but one Leesa has embraced to grow and prosper. “There are many days anxiety stole from me. Hiding away in my bed, unable to move, to work or to accomplish anything. As a single mum of three kids, I was on a vicious cycle of guilt, shame, and fear, rinse and repeat, unable to do what I needed to do,” she said.

“Opportunities have slipped through my fingers, things that could have made a difference to my business, Gold Media, a social media management agency, whose growth has been hampered. The frustration of not growing Gold Media spurred me on to making big changes. One day, I got out of bed and just knew I needed to change my attitude and fight for my life and my business. “It was then I knew I needed to use anxiety to make a difference. I studied, became accredited and launched my new business Leesa Watt – Anxiety Coach.”

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