From being a personal chef for international celebrities in London and Milan, reality star on the first season of MasterChef, to now global business owner of Almo, Linda Monique has quite the story to be told. Linda founded Almo Milk out of frustration, as after living with Crohns / Colistis for over 15 years, she started making her own almond milk at home as she couldn’t find a plant based milk that was clean with nutritional benefits and without additives.

Leveraging the fact that Australia is the second largest grower of almonds in the world, she sourced locally and began the journey to Almo Milk. She also recently launched Almo Crème, a sustainable way of making almond milk at home. The crème is made from 100% Australian almonds and when blended with water, makes almond milk. No waste and no fuss.

It was in 2015, when Linda’s autoimmune condition became a priority, that Linda focused on making drastic, yet positive lifestyle changes. To strengthen her immune system, Linda began consuming plant-based milks, and realised that every product was full of additives and had a taste that was less than desirable. It was through this frustration that Linda began experimenting in her kitchen, which kicked off her mission to create the creamiest, most delicious, purest almond milk in the world.

After devoting 18 months to the research and formulation of Almo, Linda successfully launched the business at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in 2016, where she shared her product with industry professionals. The brand gained interest and traction, and is now loved globally, with over eight countries stocking the product – including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to name a few.

Linda’s mission is to educate consumers on the benefits of adding more plant-based foods to their diets as a whole, and empowering them to make conscious decisions with what they choose to consume.

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