Lisa Teh, a former tax lawyer, launched her latest business, Lisnic this month.

Her past as a beauty and digital entrepreneur has paved the way for her newest venture, Lisnic, an online platform that helps discover your perfect mentor. Lisnic brings together mentors in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, academia and sport with those needing mentorship. When a mentee outlines what they want from a mentor and their budget, mentors from around the world can bid on that job. The mentee chooses their mentor and a time for a first session is locked in. If the mentee is unhappy with the mentorship they are not required to pay for the first session.

Lisa Teh has founded several businesses such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle platform Contouring, beauty brand 101 Lifestyle, and digital company, CODI Agency, which works with companies such as Uber Eats, Lenovo and L’Oreal. Lisa’s experience varies as she is also a co-author of the books, Australian Style and Australian Beauty and is working on a third book about business profitability. Lisa Teh co-founded Lisnic with her mentor, Nick Bell. The program is currently in beta testing. Lisnic has mentoring services available from business founders such as Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph and professional surfer Laird Hamilton.

Lisa takes her own experience and integrates it into her business ventures. During the COVID-19 pandemic she noticed the impact distance had on her management style at CODI, and therefore integrated video conferencing into the Lisnic site. Lisa said, “Finding a mentor traditionally relies on having the right networks or access to people, which is really hard when you are just starting out in business or living in a remote or regional location where you physically can not get to meet people. Lisnic solves that problem by not only giving mentees the opportunity to connect with mentors from around the world, but also allows you to set your budget and choose more than one mentor if you like.”

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