Emerging artist Hayley Mattner is boldly busting into the Australian art scene. When Hayley learnt that art could be therapeutic for those with illnesses, she started using painting to distract herself from the chronic migraines she was suffering.

“When I started out, I only painted when I had a migraine so many of my early works are quite dark and sombre,” she explained. “Art has been a very important part of my life since then because it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am too unwell to do much but rest.” Hayley believes that whilst migraines have made other aspects of her life quite difficult, they have been advantageous to her art. “Instead of getting stuck making decisions, I just go with the flow,” she said. “It also allows for many of my subconscious thoughts unintentionally make their way onto the canvas leaving hidden meanings and messages.”

While her artwork usually carries a more serious tone, Hayley wanted to use her latest project, For the Love of Boobs to create more uplifting pieces of art. “Breast cancer is a devastating illness which brings grief to so many,” she explained. “I have instead been creating bright, cheerful artworks designed to bring people joy and laughter. I have really enjoyed the change to pace.”

Hayley’s first solo exhibition For the Love of Boobs! is a cheeky celebration of the female anatomy. Colourful, boobs inspired artworks will line the walls of Woolloongabba’s Substation 5 to ADD. Thirty per cent of the profits from the exhibition will go back to the boobs and be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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