Lucia Hatten delivers bespoke luxury fashion with the release of her latest Lucia Josephine collection, The Renascence.

Aimed to empower and inspire woman, the newest collection from Lucia Josephine sees a true celebration of beauty, inspired by the defiant heroines of past centuries and pinpointing attention to detail in a world of over-saturated superficiality. The Renascence draws on the expressions of feminine energy seen across varying eras, where dominant patriarchal societies cast a shadow over women and their human endeavours. Surpassing the homogenised expressions of beauty seen in modern day society, this collection seeks to awaken more unassuming concepts of allure, while artfully infusing the opulence of late 1800s Victorian and Edwardian eras with the sharp tailoring of 1900s.

Drawing on the design elements of tailoring and volume paired with the exuberance and opulence of the decadent detailing worn by female heroines of the time, the designs are an expression of rebirth and resurrection of ideals. Mixing femininity with power is the essence, with the pieces featuring elements of volume in contrast to structured silhouettes, sheerness and detailing, such as the laser cut cathedral windows on hemlines and flounces, hand-stitched pearl and beadwork adornments, shirred tulle, pleating and velvet trims.

After noticing a gap in the custom design market in Australia which dominates South-East Asia Lucia Josephine was conceptualised in Australia and made in its studio located in Makati, Manila under the watchful eye of founder, Lucia Hatten, who is half Australian/half Filipino. Lucia Josephine prides itself on exceptional quality and unrivaled service, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, with a passionate focus on fuelling the increasing appetite for bespoke and modern design. Advocating sustainable and ethical fashion is paramount to Lucia Josephine, taking on slow fashion mentality and creating timeless, meaningful pieces.

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