Owner and Managing Director of The Remarkables Group, Australia’s original Influencer Marketing Agency, Natalie Giddings is an expert at spotting not just trends, but shifts in culture. Natalie is an industry-leader in social media and influencer marketing. From beginnings in telemarketing, she returned to studying whilst working a full-time job and raising three young children, graduating with a Business Marketing degree from RMIT University.

In 2012, with The Remarkables Group, Giddings pioneered a move from a talent representation agency into influencer marketing specialists. A move which has clearly paid off and demonstrates she keeps her eyes firmly on the zeitgeist. For example, Giddings recently noticed the growing numbers of 50+ influencers. She says ”the over 50s is actually one of the fastest-growing demographics on Instagram, they are a diverse audience actively seeking like-minded accounts and content… this surge in users is stimulating the rise of the more mature social influencer.”

These influencers may be over 50, but they have not lost their passion for fashion, design interiors, photography or other interests. In fact, Instagram and blogging provide a new mode for self-expression, to celebrate the beauty of aging, something that has mainstream media continues to ignore. Over 50s influencers are making an impact because often mainstream marketing campaigns lack traction with their audiences, missing the mark with outdated language and imagery based on misconceptions about how to communicate with the over 50s demographic. Giddings sees an opportunity for brands, ”this is an audience that can be very lucrative if you get it right. Last year, Forbes described the over 50s as the ‘ultimate super consumer’, fit, youthful, with time and disposable income to spend. Older influencers are a new way to effectively engage them.”

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