With her debut novel making two bestseller charts in the first month of publication, rural writer Maya Linnell has plenty of reasons to celebrate. Wildflower Ridge was the third best-selling romance novel in Australia in its first week. The celebrations continued when it made number five in the Australian fiction bestsellers chart for June, on the crest of an extensive book tour.

Wildflower Ridge features Penny McIntyre, a city girl who is struck down by illness and forced to return to her family’s farm. Described as a dazzling debut, the rural romance offers an authentic insight into country living, farming family dynamics, and following your heart.

“It has been a dream come true, and I’ve loved seeing Penny’s story resonate with readers. It’s an honour to turn the spotlight on rural women and highlight social issues that are important to farming communities,” said the author. Maya’s background in rural journalism and the small towns she has always lived in and loved, has provided plenty of inspiration for her fiction writing.

The success of her debut novel, and another book contract with Allen and Unwin, may have generated plenty of ‘pinch me’ moments, but this country girl is keeping her feet firmly on the ground. When she’s not writing or being distracted by their menagerie of farm animals, Maya loves gardening, baking, and restocking her children’s bulging bookshelves.

Maya will speak at Ashgrove Library in Brisbane and Gympie Library . For more details on events click here.

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