Singer Songwriter Mel Lukin launched into the year in a stellar fashion with One Way Ticket released commercially late last month.

The single is playlisted on Apple Music’s Aussie Country with its ‘90’s country vibes and a strong positive message. One Way Ticket has already topped the AMRAP Regional Chart, charted well on all genre PlayMPE charts and has been added to ABC Country’s Grass Roots program.

“I want my songs to really connect with people, and I was going through a period of working with different writers, formulating ideas for songs and, within that process, I came across a Nashville writers’ catalogue of songs. This song just jumped out at me and really resonated,” Mel said. “I wanted to do an up tempo song and I loved the message in ‘One Way Ticket’. Because of where I’m at in life and wanting to encourage my two daughters to chase their passions, I felt this song was right.”

Mel’s delivery of this song includes a driving beat and country feel with dobro and electric guitar blending seamlessly. “Country music has always been a part of my musical journey. I listened to artists like Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes and Martina McBride who were also major influences and my mum loves Shania Twain, so I love ’90’s country,” Mel said. “I released my first EP in 2004 and all of those songs were country-influenced, although I have performed many different genres of music over the years, contemporary country music is what I always come back to, and really feels like home for me.”

The message of ‘One Way Ticket’ is to encourage listeners do what makes them feel alive. “It’s so important to show the kids that at any time and at any age, you can follow your passion. I’ll be releasing my own music, recording and releasing an album worth of songs over the next couple of years,” she said. “I want to release an album that I’m proud of with every single song giving my audience a snapshot of where I was at that particular time and share the music via small tours, festivals and support shows.”

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