Miriam van Heusden is a finalist in the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards of Australia 2022, for the Innovation, Technology & Research category, and was very excited to receive this prestigious award.

Miriam featured last year as the founder of Maralytics, which was born after many years in hospitality where Miriam did all her own marketing and realised there was a better way to track the ROI. The creation of Maralytics started when Miriam was a restaurant owner, where she planned, negotiated, tracked, and reported all advertising and marketing campaigns.  Frustrated at not being able to find a solution for her marketing activities, she built Maralytics.

Maralytics, is a SaaS software, unlike other analytical software on the market. The software program analyses results to display the effectiveness of promotional activities, to easily make decisions and to not waste money on marketing that does not work.

Miriam realised many businesses needed to understand more about marketing. Her experience taught her that building successful marketing strategies doesn’t have to be hard, but when businesses don’t have the right systems in place, they waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out what works. She designed and developed the Maralytics, software as a solution to a problem, and wrote a bestselling book to support businesses in getting better results from their marketing activities.

Miriam is also a highly regarded qualified trainer in the domestic and international education industry. She delivers diplomas in hospitality, marketing, business, project & leadership management. She also provides training and development for all aspects of digital marketing.

Miriam’s place as a finalist for innovation, technology, and research in the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards of Australia, 2022, reflects how invaluable her industry experience and expertise are in business and marketing.

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