Miriam van Heusden is the founder and CEO of Maralytics. She has been a restaurateur, a business coach, a certified professional vocational trainer, a food and travel consultant, and an outdoor adventure lover.

A mother and business owner herself, she knows first-hand the importance of creating a healthy balance between work and family. She’s now a finalist in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards in three categories -Digital Innovation, Digital Services and One to Watch.

Miriam’s journey to creating Maralytics started when she was a restaurant owner, and she was frustrated at not being able to find a solution for her marketing activities. She wanted to analyse the results to see their effectiveness, easily make decisions and stop wasting money on marketing that did not work. From day one in the restaurant, she planned, negotiated, tracked, and reported all advertising and marketing campaigns. She always knew that analytics in business and marketing were important.

“My philosophy is that the numbers tell a story, and the only way to improve performance is by not making the same mistakes as in the past,” she said. “I created the technology to dramatically grow sales and improve performance results.”

Her passion is to empower business owners with the tools, skills, and information to achieve better results and make easier decisions for success. “It is exciting to be the creator of new innovative software that will make a massive impact in the marketing industry and have the freedom and flexibility of being a mum and business owner.”

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