Miss Voluptuous Pageants (MVP) has crowned Amber-Jane Powson as the first Miss Voluptuous Australia. Size 16 pageant winner Amber-Jane Powson, who hails from Brisbane, will go on to compete at the International Pageant in Nashville, USA in May 2021.

Miss Voluptuous Pageants is a global beauty pageant for sizes 14 UK/AU and over that aims to provide opportunities for voluptuous role-models across the world to share their ideas and visions for the future. Powson, who won the inaugural title against 56 other Australian contestants, said that the MVP pageant is not just about physical beauty, but more about making a difference and being a true role model for the community.

“I believe that it’s important to have realistic, diverse images of ourselves in the media and it is essential to help us find confidence in our bodies, our mental health and each other,” she said. Amber-Jane was previously diagnosed with severe generalised anxiety disorder and depression. “Around 30 per cent of young Australians say they are extremely, or very, concerned about their body image. This creates a higher risk of anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

“Only with awareness and support about body positivity and mental health was I able to graduate university, work an international corporate part time job, act as an extra on blockbuster film sets and be a plus size runway model for award winning designers.”

Miss Powson aims to use the pageant stage to promote brands, mental health programs and models that feature plus size representation. Natalie Carley, president of Miss Voluptuous Pageants, stated that the pageant judges on much more than appearance; they must have a passion for making a difference, a willingness to work hard and a determination to be heard. Ms Powson will compete against representatives from Ireland, Greece, Scotland, USA, Wales, Guam, New Zealand, Canada and more.

You can read more about Miss Voluptuous pageants and how to apply for the 2022 pageant here.

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