Brisbane local Justene Sharp-Jones has launched Missy Noir, an online boutique focusing on creating beautiful handmade bralettes and wire-free lingerie. The new online boutique is currently working with designers from Chile, Portugal, the United Kingdom and many other countries in the brand’s bid to create sensual and empowering lingerie.

In creating Missy Noir, Ms Sharp-Jones hoped to encourage women to express their sensuality through a sense of grounded self-confidence. Ms Sharp-Jones wants to help build a community supporting girls and women to evolve with a healthy body image and promote radical self-love. “The pieces are designed to embrace and enhance an individual’s unique shape and form, and alleviate women from the unhealthy and unrealistic standards of traditional underwear,” Ms Sharp-Jones said.

After completing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Business from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) late last year, Ms Sharp-Jones used her newfound business knowledge to become a fashion entrepreneur. Ms Sharp-Jones has also completed a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Ms Sharp-Jones’ experience in nursing gave her a greater depth of understanding of the fragile nature of the female body image, which is where the passion and the idea for Missy Noir formed.

While partnering with a number of bespoke designers from around the world, Missy Noir also supports local, boutique labels from Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Ms Sharp-Jones aims to help provide young females with body confidence, help them embrace their true body shape and alleviate unhealthy and unrealistic body standards.