Twin sisters Brook Gossen and Mandie McPherson want to make your bedroom a little more fun, with their mix-and-match bed linen label More Than Ever. The Brisbane-based business has launched its first collection, Let’s Go to Bed, full of playful patterns inspired by the mantra ‘enjoy the little things in life.’ The collection, which is currently only available online, draws on simple yet fun patterns and colours, designed to be mixed and matched, reversed and paired.

Brook and Mandie hope their designs will bring some effortless joy into real life without reducing quality. “More Than Ever is all about mixing and matching … because in a house filled with love and chaos, life isn’t perfect and the reality is things do get mixed up,” said Brook. “Our bedding is designed by us in Brisbane and is manufactured in India using 100 percent bespoke percale cotton to create the perfect weight and feel of sheets for our climate.”

As an illustrator with a love of textile design, Brook creates all prints and patterns by hand in her studio. “Each design will usually start out as a simple pencil drawing, I’ll add some paint, scan in, and digitise them with colour,” said Brooke. “Mandie and I will then work together to refine them until we are happy, resulting in the playful tones and feeling of spring you see in our Let’s Go to Bed collection.”

The More Than Ever range is designed to be versatile for every personality and home, with splashes of patterns, pops of colour, and reversible styles. “We’ve seen a huge trend at the moment where Australians are taking risks with how they style their homes, but everyone is still different with different tastes,” said Mandie. “Mixing and matching allows people to be creative. They are able to do much more with one item and can really have fun with their individual style, whatever that may be.”

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