Mother of two, Ainslay Huitema, swung off Brisbane’s Goodwill Bridge on Friday 10 May to raise money and awareness for local charity Hear and Say. Ainslay joined forces with Hear and Say, and their team of thrill-seeking fundraisers, to raise money for young hearing impaired Queenslanders.

In 2015, Ainslay and her husband welcomed their beautiful daughter Mia into the world. As a happy, healthy baby, they weren’t overly concerned when she failed her newborn hearing screening test, especially considering there was no history of hearing loss in either of their families. It came as a complete shock when Mia was diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss after further testing. Earlier this year, the Huitema family were delighted by the birth of their second daughter Ava, but surprised again to discover that she also has a hearing impairment.

Hear and Say has provided the Huitema family with ongoing support and therapy since day dot, therefore Ainslay jumped at the chance to get involved in giving back to the foundation with their Goodwill Bridge fundraising event.

Hear and Say CEO Chris McCarthy, who also made the leap, said he was thrilled by all the support. “I can’t think of a better way to help children with hearing loss than participate in Australia’s most thrilling fundraiser to show we will go the extra mile for our Hear and Say families.The funds raised from this year’s event will support Hear and Say’s Early Intervention Programs which will help children who are deaf learn to listen and speak just like their hearing peers.”

Ainslay’s heartfelt story inspires an incredible initiative and fearless drive to be bold for our little ones.

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