Corbett & Claude restaurants are taking a fresh approach on a Mother’s Day gift this year, with one lucky mum set to be immortalised in a portrait by one of Australia’s leading contemporary fine artists. Collaborating with leading contemporary fine artist Starr, Corbett & Claude wants to hear from families about their one of a kind mum who goes above and beyond for the opportunity to be captured on canvas.

Corbett & Claude Owner and Director Tim Johnson, said Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate mums of all types and thank them for everything they have done. “Since we have opened our doors, we’ve become a destination for people to celebrate important moments, Mother’s Day is no exception and we wanted to make this year a great experience for everyone,” Johnson said. “In addition to potential winning a piece of beautiful art made by one of Brisbane’s finest artists, we are treating mums (and their families) to a stunning feast created by our highly talented and skilled team.”

Contemporary Australian fine Artist Starr says traditionally most people think of portraits being only suited for the social elite or royalty, but it could not be any further from the truth and that art can be a great experience for anyone. “There are so many ways to bring a portrait to life regardless of who is being painted, the key is to try to capture their personality and have that shine through for everyone to see,” Starr said.“This is a very exciting project to be involved with and I am looking forward to helping a family celebrate someone who is very important to them and deserving of something that is not often gifted for Mother’s Day,” she said

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