“It is crucial, for women recovering from difficult situations, to keep their focus on the life they want to create going forward to ensure a healthy healing process,” says life coach and author Danielle Simone.

For many women who have suffered from any kind of traumatic experience, or if life has not played out as they imagined, they may find themselves dwelling on the past, instead of finding new ways to move forward. “We can’t go back to the past, even if the past is better than your current situation,” said Simone.

Simone tackles this healing process by dividing life into four phases. One part can be defined as when life feels like it’s progressing and going well for us. The second part is when nothing seems to go right. The other two parts are the moments in between when we can see our lives crumbling, and when we hit rock bottom then learn that we need to try new ways to move towards becoming healthy again.

“How low we go is different for everyone, but what we all have in common is we get to our lowest when we think we can’t go on. That’s the point when we need to make a decision and find a way to move forward. If we stay stuck and then spiral down even further, it can lead to people making negative choices that are not in alignment with their values or character,” she said. “Often, after hitting rock bottom is when women are most open to finding new ways of doing things.”

“This phase can often be the hardest to get through because our natural tendency is to resist change – it can be uncomfortable to face fears, learn new things and reassess values, but this is required to move forward.” In her life coaching, Simone helps women to recognise and work through the four phases of recovering from traumatic experiences, allowing them to rebuild and move forward with a more positive mentality. Simone helps her clients to feel empowered and find the courage to tackle obstacles, allowing them to achieve the life they desire.

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