Upma Kite is Mrs Australia Universal 2019 and will be competing in the Mrs Universal pageant in August 2019 in Mexico. Upma’s mantra Will to Win has made her a distinguished fashion icon of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Upma has enjoyed many careers, changing her professional fields from pilot to marriage counsellor to now a business professional working with Telstra, as well as a renowned face in the fashion industry. Upma believes in “passion for fashion” and in breaking stereotypes. She is a fashion icon with a strong belief in feminism, which is to empower women to build self-confidence, self- worth and positive body image. “Age is just a number and your barriers are your best motivators,” she said “One may stop and take breaks from their passion but your efforts shouldn’t die.”

Upma is a National and International published model herself who has strutted on many celebrated runways. She has been part of countless fashion shows, including Bulimba Fashion Festival, Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, Angel with Wings, Lakme Australia Fashion Show. This success, though, has not come easily. She has seen her part of struggle for a 30+ aged women on the runway. Despite the challenges she has gained success and changed the way the fashion fraternity and women think.

Upma is passionate about giving back to the community hence beauty with purpose. She has appeared as special guest at several local community events and volunteered for charity events. She has raised money for Heart Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, Smith Family, Salvation Army and UN Women National Committee. Her charity work includes taking over Story-bridge, Red Shield Appeal and a high end Fashion Show that has being recognised by many. She is also the creator of NGO Dignifying Women to support, train and guide women, particularly 30+ aged women who leave behind their dreams due to several barriers.

Upma sites organising events and collaborations as one of her skills. She along with her team organised successful Ravishing Fashionistas Fashion Show, a sold out event. Int his show, Upma brought together models of all ages and all sizes, breaking the stereotypes of the fashion industry. Her fresh, modern approach was welcomed and appreciated by man. Professional women as well as aspiring models and those at the beginning of their career joined Upma on the runways. The show also supported local businesses and the fashion industry fraternity. In the coming days Upma promises to produce another high end fashion show with more special experiences. Her focus currently, however, is the upcoming Mrs Universal pageant in August.

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